Taylor Sturtz

Senior Software Engineer / Irvine, CA




I write empathetic codeempathetic code and build applications that people connect with directly. Regardless of the platform, solving difficult problems and building smooth user experiences is my jam.


Software EngineerBlizzard Entertainment
May 2020 - present • Irvine, CA

  • Designed and developed internal web tools (using React and TypeScript) that serve Activision's and Blizzard's game titles and impact millions of users.
  • Maintained existing systems, including debugging and feature development, concise documentation, prompt live operations support, and major application releases.
  • Ensured product quality with collaborative feature planning and code review, as well as thorough unit and scenario testing (using Jest and Selenium/Java).
  • Organized recurring front-end focused engineering meetings for improved team cohesion and knowledge distribution.

Software EngineerRestaurant365
October 2019 - May 2020 • Irvine, CA

  • Developed new features (using TypeScript, React, Redux/Saga, and Node.js) and maintained existing codebases (using AngularJS and C#) for accounting software used in more than 12,000 restaurants.
  • Set up GitLab CI pipeline to deploy serverless functions to AWS and Azure.
  • Improved error-prone legacy code and deployment processes with extensive debugging and documentation updates.
  • Greatly improved developer experience by simplifying end-to-end cross-platform local development.

Software EngineerYtel
May 2017 - Sept 2019 • Lake Forest, CA

  • Led development of React/Redux messaging campaign applications and maintained legacy apps written in PHP Laravel, Vue.js, and AngularJS.
  • Built SSO and user management systems using JWTs and GraphQL.
  • Developed an interface for plotting and managing interactive nodes in a tree structure (similar to an org chart) on browser canvas.
  • Introduced unit-testing to client-side code bases and maintained healthy coverage.
  • Wrote GitLab CI and Node.js scripts to improve productivity, performance, and save the company thousands by pruning unused data from external services.

Web DeveloperYtel
March 2017 - May 2017 • Lake Forest, CA

  • Wireframed and built static marketing static websites using Jekyll and Firebase Auth/DB.
  • Managed DNS, migrated, configured, and maintained web projects on an optimized LEMP stack virtual machine.
  • Developed interfaces for office televisions to welcome clients by name visiting the office.

Design Team LeadMMG INTL
July 2011 - Oct 2016 • Orange, CA


JavaScriptTypeScriptReactReduxNode.jsReact NativeAngularJSAngularjQueryHTMLCSS3 / SASSGitTestingAgileServerlessFirebaseMongoDBJavaPHP / LaravelGo


Employee of the month
Ytel • July 2018

President’s & Dean’s lists
CSULB • 2009 - 2012






Web Development
Irvine, CA • 2016

Web Design
Orange Coast College
Costa Mesa, CA • 2014

B.A., Art History
California State University
Long Beach, CA • 2012

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