Taylor Sturtz

Hi, I'm Taylor Sturtz
javascript junky / soccer hooligan / daddy shark

javascript junky
soccer hooligan
daddy shark

I'm a self-motivated software engineer from Irvine, CA with a background in design. I write empathetic code and build full-stack applications that people connect with directly. Regardless of the platform, solving difficult problems and building smooth user experiences is my jam.

I currently work as a Senior Software Engineer at Blizzard Entertainment in Irvine, California.

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A handful of my personal and open source projects; check my GitHub for more.


This site

React / Gatsby / Serverless (GCP) Python

Toejam & Earl Jam Out

React / SVG sprites & CSS @keyframes

To-do For You

AngularJS / Firebase DB & Authentication

Real Value (POC)

AngularJS / Leaflet / D3 / Firebase

Meetup Map

jQuery / PHP


I Want My BB-TV

React Native / Node (Express) / MongoDB


Soccer6 Slack Bot

Web scraper bot (Golang)

Semantic UI React Countries

CLI tool (Node - npm package)

Your Team ⚽️ Soccer Matches

MacOS menu bar app (Node / bitbar / shell scripts)


To reach me you can use social media

or better yet send me an email directly:
Recruiters: in-house recruiters only please! ❤️